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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Auctioning Your Property

The Auction method of selling is highly successful for all types of properties. Executed properly, and particularly in the current market conditions, the Auction method can result in thousands of dollars more for the property.

Why choose the Auction method to sell your property?
  1. An Auction removes the biggest obstacle that determines whether or not a buyer will enquire about your property – that’s ‘Price’! Auction allows the natural market forces of supply and demand to determine where your property’s true market value lies.
  2. The Auction method of selling is more aggressive when compared to other sale methods like ‘Fixed Price Sale’. Other sale methods can take up to 90 days to get a result, where an Auction takes less than half that amount of time! An Auction sale’s deadline means buyers cannot ‘sit back and wait’. This gives your agent greater control over potential buyers who want your property.
  3. The Auction method makes your agent move! Your agent should be hands-on every day over the Auction period, working with buyers in preparation for Auction day. Agents who auction typically manage fewer properties; however boast significantly higher sale prices.
  4. Did you know that Auctions in the Macarthur area enjoy an impressive 30% higher SOLD rate compared to other sale methods over the same 21 day marketing period? There can only be a few reasons for this: restricted time on sale; more agent input, effort and hours; and superior and more intense marketing campaigns. Put simply, there is more ‘action’ in the Auction selling method.
  5. Auction is the only method of sale where buyers can negotiate a property in real-time and in a totally transparent environment. There are no behind-doors negotiations!
  6. An Auction offers you interchangeable selling methods! If your property doesn’t sell at Auction, it can be changed to a Range Sale or Fixed Price Sale.
  7. Finally, the Auction sale method is the only one to offer you three opportunities to sell – i.e. sale prior to auction, sale at auction, and sale after auction. 

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