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Friday, 30 January 2015

Property Management and Your Investment

The “corner stone” of a successful investment property is having the best people managing your valuable investment.

Property management is a highly important service that is often undervalued. Having the best property management team looking after your investment property can mean the difference between a smooth or rocky investment, and profitable or unprofitable one!

Our property management team at Harcourts – The Property People works extremely hard to deliver the very best service to our investment clients. Our property management team performs so well that they are consistently placed in the top three in NSW within the Harcourts Real Estate group.

Here’s a little insight into the first class and award-winning service our team provides:
  • When first advertising a vacant property, we work swiftly to advertise the property to as many potential tenants as possible. This results in maximum applications in the shortest possible time. This way we get a tenant into your property and paying you rents faster. 
  • From tenant applications received, our property management team uses our systems to diligently scrutinise applying tenants, and help our landlords make the final selection. This is a highly important part of the process, as the “big picture” of the final selection is: less maintenance expenses, little or no rental arrears, and maximum capital growth on your property.
  • Our first class service and systems ensure rent is paid on time, expenses and bills are tracked and paid, and there are regular inspections conducted on the property to ensure it is being kept as agreed. 
At Harcourts our property management team are leading the way in property management service. Eight dedicated Property Managers and several support staff work to ensure that all details are attended to.

Investing in a quality Property Management agency makes a lot of sense. A well-managed investment property will provide maximum income, no hassles, and the best long-term outcome.

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